Pure Bliss Beauty Salon

Safety Plan



1)  Walk-ins

2)  Cross contamination – from clients to employee’s through air transmission and physical contact

3) Cross contamination from client’s shoes and clothes

4) Possible cross contamination from clients using washroom and sinks

5) Possible cross contamination from more then two clients on the  waiting area environment/air

6) Cross contamination through cash and debit machines

7) Cross contamination from visitors/delivery drivers

8) Possible contamination for receptionist

9) Possible cross contamination from client to the spa bed and equipment’s


1) We will only accept clients by appointment, walk-ins are prohibited at all times

2) If you have traveled or have been out of the country, please do not come for service until your 14-day quarantine has been completed 

3) We require all clients to go over and sign the consent forms through email

4) We will only accept debit/credit payments 

5) Please do not bring any extra people to your appointment. (i.e. no children, friends or family allowed). Exceptions are made only for clients under the age of 16 and clients with disabilities. 

6) All Clients will wear masks during their session * facial  will be done without masks otherwise it must be worn for remainder of the treatment*

7) Clients will be asked to  put on disposable shoe covers , at the end of the treatment clients will be asked to dispose it inside a designated disposal bin that is placed in the reception entrance area.

8) Our waiting area is closed. Clients will remain outside the spa until their scheduled appointment time. We still ask clients to arrive 5-10 minutes before appointment. The receptionist will contact client via a Txt message or phone call when the esthetician is ready to bring you directly to the treatment room. Please notify us if you are running late. We reserve the right to refuse clients if they are late to their appointments.

9)   Clients & delivery personnel will sanitize hands upon entering the spa. A sanitation station is set up at reception.  

10)  We will require clients to cancel their appointment if they are feeling unwell or if a member of the household is unwell. There will be no penalty but we require clients do give us as much notice as possible,

11)  We reserve the right to refuse treatment to clients who present symptoms of COVID-19

12)   Clients or delivery personnel must notify the receptionist if you would like to use the restroom 

13)   We have now transferred to disposable bed sheets to be disposed into a designated garbage bin after each client, these Bins are emptied out at the end of the day using sanitary methods as described in the “Sanitary Protocols” below

14)   Beds are sanitized after every client.

15)   Towels in the laser room will be removed after each client, used towels are washed with detergent, bleach

16)   All machines and tools are heavily sanitized using 99% alcohol  and Lysol wipes before and after each client


1) We have established and posted occupancy limits for the reception/waiting area and the staff room.

2) The occupancy limit for reception is 2 and the occupancy limit for the staff room is 1.

3) Appointment bookings have been adjusted so that there is no overlap of clients waiting in the waiting area.

4) Clients will not be allowed to bring guests to their appointments. Exceptions will be made only for clients who require a parent/ guardian and clients with disabilities.

5) Staff will not be allowed to have visitors in the workplace.

6) Lunch breaks and coffee breaks will be staggered so that there is only one person in the staff area.

7)physical contact between staff and clients are not allowed (i.e. no handshakes, or hugging).

8) Employees will have to maintain at least 2 metres distance from each other at all times

9)No walk-ins signage is be posted.


1)We have installed a glass door at the entrance leading to the treatment rooms. The barrier will be cleaned & sanitized using and Lysol disinfectant followed by glass cleaner twice a day.

2)We have installed a door which leads to the staff lunch area  washroom. This door and knob will be cleaned & sanitized using Lysol disinfectant twice a day.


1)Disposable bed sheets will be used in all treatment rooms. Bed sheets are to be disposed into a designated garbage bin after each client, these bins are emptied out at the end of the day.

2)Disposable toilet seat covers will be in the washroom. Signage will be made to use toilet seat covers in the washroom. Toilet seat covers will be disposed in a labeled garbage bin designated for seat covers.

3)All machines, tools and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using 99% alcohol before and after each client.

4)Uniforms: Estheticians will change into uniforms as soon as they enter the spa and place it in the wash bin at the end of the day. Estheticians are required to keep a designated pair of shoes for workplace.

5)Estheticians will ensure clients sanitize their hands upon entering the spa. A sanitation area will be set up at the lobby.

6)Treatment Room doors will be open when bringing clients into the treatment room to prevent contact & cross-contamination to door handles.

7)Towels, Robes and Bed Sheets which are used during treatments, will be placed in the laundry basket immediately after each client.

8) Facial clients will be given the option to remain in their own clothes during the treatment if they don’t feel comfortable wearing a gown.***

9) If clients feel cold, estheticians will cover them with a disposable sheet and then put a blanket on top so there’s no direct contact between client and the blanket.

10) Facial procedures will be shortened by eliminating massage and the esthetician will step out of the room while the client has a mask on..

11) Usage of gloves and masks are mandatory for estheticians when treating clients. Gloves must be properly disposed after each client and estheticians must wash their hands and wear new gloves before treating the next client.

12) There will be a 10 minute break between clients so the estheticians have enough time to clean and disinfect the room.

13) Receptionist will wear gloves when interacting with clients and taking payments.

14) Only debit/credit payments will be accepted.

15)Receptionist will clean and disinfect all door handles and surfaces in the reception, washroom and staff areas several times during the day. 16) Receptionist must sanitize hands after handling debit machine, and delivery items

17)All magazines, booklets, and testers are removed from the lobby/waiting area.

18)Bathroom sink, toilet and door handles will be cleaned and disinfected with soap and 99% alcohol after each use by the receptionist.

19) “Tap” payments will be encouraged over pin pads

20) Products will be taped off with signage asking clients not to touch products and to ask for assistance.

21)Signage will be made to use toilet seat covers in the washroom.

22)Workers must keep the lunch table clear and sanitize the table with after their break. Staff will keep their belongings in the locker.

23)If staff are stepping out for lunch, they need to change their uniforms and sanitize their hands when they return from their break

24) Workers must sanitize hands after doing laundry and cleaning duties (I.e. sweep, mop, bathroom, dust, wipe).

25) Workers must wear gloves to remove garbage at the end of the day from all rooms, washroom and reception area and dispose the garbage in the designated garbage room outside the facility. Workers must dispose the gloves inside the garbage dumpster and sanitize their hands with portable hand sanitizer before entering the spa. Workers must wash their hands upon entering the spa.


1) Estheticians are to wear masks at all times during treatments and when interacting with clients.

2)Clients must wear masks for all treatments except face laser and facials.

3)Workers have been trained on the proper use of masks

4)Signage on the correct use of masks has been posted


1)Dispoasable bed sheets will be used. The esthetician must properly dispose of the bed sheets and sanitize the beds with 99% alcohol after each client before placing a new bed sheet.

2)Disposable shoe covers will be given to clients. Shoe covers must be worn when clients enter the spa and taken off when they leave. A shoe cover station will be set up at the lobby. Clients will be given hand sanitizer after putting on and taking off shoe covers. A labeled shoe cover disposal bin lined with a garbage bag will be paced at the lobby.

3)Used towels and robes are washed with detergent and bleach and dried in the washer and dryer. The receptionist or designate will perform this duty. Laundry will be done 5-6 times a day as needed. Worker must wash and sanitize their hands after performing these duties.

4)Brushes to be used only for applying peel, must be sterilized (wash, spray with 99% alcohol and then place it in the hot cabbie) after each use.

5)After treatment the esthetician must clean and sanitize everything clients touch with Lysol wipes and Caviwipes.

6) Soap and Lysol disinfectant will be used to clean and disinfect all the sinks, tools and door handles in the treatment rooms by the estheticians after each client,

7) All facial and laser hair removal machines  will be sanitized with 99% alcohol and Lysol wipes after each use.

8) The receptionist will clean and disinfect all door handles, desks, light switches and all other surfaces in the reception, washroom and staff areas using soap and Lysol disinfectant at the beginning and end of the day as well as 3-5 times throughout the day.

9)The sink, toilet and all other surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with  Lysol disinfectant after each use by the receptionist.

10)The receptionist will clean and disinfect the debit machine using Caviwipes. after each use.

11) Workers must clean and disinfect the lunch table after their break.

12) Shared utensils, plates and cups have been removed from the staff room.

12) Signage on handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes has been posted throughout the spa.


1)Emplyees showing any symptoms of covid-19 are prohibited from the spa

2) employees/clients who has been away from BC or Canada or who has had contact with a confirmed covid -19 patient must self isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms

3) Visitors are prohibited in the spa

4) Only one receptionist and two estheticians will be working during working hours

5) Once a week meeting and training will be held as needed

6) Sick employees will notify the owner even with mild symptoms before or during work hours and will be sent home

7)Sick workers will be asked to take a day of and consult a physician if required

8) Call 911 if any employee has difficulty breathing, chest pain or any severe signs of covid-19

9)cleaning and sanitization of all surface and equipment’s is mandatory if it was in contact by sick employee

STEP 4: Develop communication plans and training

1) We have created a group chat with all the employees and the owner for communication and plans

2) all employee’s have been sent a written policy statement which states that they must stay home if they have any symptoms of Covid -19

3) Employees have been instructed to stay home if they leave the province or country and isolate for 14 days

4) All  signage have been posted which includes occupancy limits and hygiene practices

5) we have no walk-in sign in the entrance door

STEP 5: Monitor your workplace and update your plans

1)We will discuss any new risks and concerns that we need to change

2)Receptionist will be monitoring the reception/waiting area, staff room and washroom and estheticians will monitor the treatment rooms

3) If an  employee has a concern, they will contact the owner right away


1)A training session was held on May 20, 2020 with all employees  before reopening the spa.

2)At the end of the shift, all employees will clean and sanitize the entire spa that includes any surfaces that was in contact with client or employee, tools, equipment, door knobs, washroom, sinks, doors, floor, and remove garbage